Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Commercial Idea

As I've mentioned, I hope that this idea will develop into an advertisement campaign.  I want commercials on TV.

Here is one example of an idea of how these ads would work.  Do you have an idea? Send it to me!

featuring happy families taking pictures and running around.

"Inside that camera there is a CMOS, an active pixel sensor, that makes it work.  When you take a picture, you focus the light onto the chip, which is separated into a grid of squares- we call them pixels.  These pixels correspond to the ones on the display on the back of your camera.  When a pixel on the CMOS is hit with light, that hit is recorded and the corresponding display pixel lights up."

"The key ingredient in this recording process is explained by Einstein's photoelectric effect.  When the CMOS is hit with light, that light frees an electron in that part of the grid, and so current flows in that pixel.  Now the back display only needs to look for which pixels have electrons coming from them.  Those pixels on the back display with current light up, and those without do not light up."

"The things we use every day depend on the investments we made in the past. Science-- it's something to fund."

"A lifetime of memories… brought to you by Science."

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